What is noble anyways?

Lots of chichi, plenty of bells and whistles, and an extra helping of trendiness? If that’s the case,
then this is Fabios:
Not noble.

Because none of those things matter at Fabios. Because none of those things matter at Fabios. What matters here is not artificially manufacturing special moments, but creating them honestly.
With authentic Italian food.
Among good company.
In a harmonious ambience.
At Fabios, we want to conjure these one-of-a-kind moments for guests – in keeping with our motto:

Fabios - Not noble. Just Special.

But what does it mean for a “noble restaurant” not to be noble?
It means that we put chichi on the backburner and focus on character. Anyone who thinks this makes Fabios any less exceptional has it all wrong.
Because good food doesn’t need any bells and whistles to be good.
Good food is simply good – when the quality, the service, and the setting are right. So we don’t hide our Italian cuisine behind a bunch of extravagant hoopla, but appreciate it in its purest form.